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We provide food supplements for Diabetes and Arthritis that are of miraculous benefit. For Diabetes, we have DiabetPlus, Diabetall and Sweetjoy whereas for Arthritis we have Arthritplus, Soojeez Spray and Genarthro.

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Dr. Gaurav Sharma, the very name evokes a sense of profound respect and a deluge of boundless admiration. A Diabetologist par excellence, Dr Sharma is also known as a Fitness and Sports Medicine Expert, Lifestyle Doctor and researcher. He has been extremely instrumental in raising the awareness drive on reversing Diabetes in the most scientific and holistic way. In a quest to contribute more with his enormous knowledge and competence, Dr. Sharma founded Dr. G Wellness in the year 2011. The very purpose of the inception of this institution was to provide preventive care and management for the lifestyle-related diseases, like heart diseases, hypertension, diabetes via lifestyle modifications that comprise dietary changes, stress management, exercise modules specifically programmed for diabetics, nutritional supplements and motivational counseling.

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We at Dr.G Wellness understand the modern lifestyle and are constantly questioning the conventional ..

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Our Mission is to go above our member's expectation. We are committed to the nation that quality...

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Dr.G Wellness Private Limited - the fastest growing wellness company in India led by Dr.G Sharma,

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More than 2,00,000 Happy Customers
  • I was diagnosed with osteoarthritis in 2003. Once I saw Dr. Gaurav Sharma on a TV programme. I listened carefully, seeing the clicks of other people facing this problem. I was also impressed. I contacted the team of Dr. Gaurav Sharma and ordered supplements. For near about six months I have been taking supplements. I can climb stairs up & down; I can stand up and sit down. I can teach while standing, as teaching is my profession. My message to people is to follow this therapy and get benefited.
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  • I felt a jerk in my knee. Once I saw Gaurav Sharma’s programme. I started viewing his programme regularly. I listened to peoples views, appreciating his supplements. I also ordered without telling anybody in the family. My pain subsided at once when I started taking his supplements. At the same time, I started using spray and also ordered Genarthro. I felt that my life could move on smoothly. I want to thank Gaurav Sharma and his team. I am very happy with his treatment.
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  • I have been facing problem in my knee-joint. I used to rub oil on the affected area. One doctor advised me to walk lest I become totally crippled. A stage came when I had to walk to the bathroom with the help of a stick. My husband advised me to see Dr. Gaurav’s programme on television. At his behest, I ordered Dr. Gaurav medicines for 15 days. I liked the supplements, particularly Soojeez for its distinct ingredients. Team at Dr. Gaurav is very helpful in providing guidance on exercise. Now, I am able to do all home chores myself..
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  • I was going through immense pain in my legs for the last 8-9 years. Allopathy treatment failed. I got Dr. Gaurav’s reference from a relative. Before calling, my son got Dr. Gaurav’s credibility cross-checked over the internet, giving him a clean-chit that this doctor prescribes supplements based on research. After six months of treatment, I felt some relief from pain. Had I put my 100% to his advice, I would have improved very much. No other doctor supports a patient like him -- until the patient is cured..
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